The “Blizzard of Oz” 2011…Buhler, Kansas

1 02 2011

Ice INSIDE our front door at home...2/1/11

After speaking with friends, vendors and clients in several states today, I know that Kansas is not the only area affected by this massive “Winter Wallop” as the Weather Channel now says that one third of the US is involved in winter weather. Today we did brave the storm and head into town…First to The Mustard Seed to meet up with friends for breakfast and coffee.  Tuesday mornings are our Bible Study at The Mustard Seed, but since only three of us were able to get there, we just caught up with each other instead.

View from our front window (facing east) about 4:30 pm.

Because neither rain, sleet, or snow will keep the Adrians staff from their appointed duties…we did open the store and get the hot Aspen cider simmering and the music playing…but the wind continued to howl through the streets blowing snow here and there and piling it up in front of our doors.  By three o’clock, we said “enough” and headed back to our snug homes for the rest of the afternoon.

Plenty of firewood to keep us warm!

Jack’s got plenty of firewood to keep us nice and warm.  I am so thankful for the wood stove that we’ve had for 30+ years!  Just love that penetrating heat that the stove puts out!

Hoping that all of you are staying warm and snug on this wintry evening!  As a California girl, one of the things that I love about living in Kansas is the change of seasons.  You know that even though today was blustery, just three days ago we had temperatures of almost 70 degrees with the front door of the store wide open!  Those days will be back again soon!  Enjoy this “Blizzard of Oz!”   ~Vicki



2 responses

4 02 2011
Dorothy Clark

Thanks for you Emails. I enjoy them so much. Your store is my favorite.

4 02 2011
Vicki Adrian

Oh THANK YOU so much Dorothy! Without you ladies, we would be long gone! Appreciate your kind words…I will pass along to our staff. Have a great weekend! Enjoy the recipes, and stay warm! ~Vicki

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