You Deserve Our Best! (Blizzard or not!)

2 02 2011


Spring Flowers...Ice & Snow...Sunshine...that's Kansas!

Exceptional people deserve exceptional service…I have often said that “Adrian’s has the best clients in the state…” and we really do mean it!  We strive to give every single person who walks into our business, or talks to us on the phone, or visits our store via our website an exceptional experience.  I am certainly not saying that we are able to make this happen 100% of the time, because we definitely make mistakes, but we rer very conscious of how we treat our clients.

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The “Blizzard of Oz” 2011…Buhler, Kansas

1 02 2011

Ice INSIDE our front door at home...2/1/11

After speaking with friends, vendors and clients in several states today, I know that Kansas is not the only area affected by this massive “Winter Wallop” as the Weather Channel now says that one third of the US is involved in winter weather. Today we did brave the storm and head into town…First to The Mustard Seed to meet up with friends for breakfast and coffee.  Tuesday mornings are our Bible Study at The Mustard Seed, but since only three of us were able to get there, we just caught up with each other instead.

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