This is your LUCKY week at Adrian’s Boutique!

25 01 2017


You know we are always celebrating here at Adrian’s!  How about the Chinese New Year! January, is nearing an end!  Might as well toss in a cookie-o-happiness 😉

TODAY through Tuesday, January 31
Come get a real fortune cookie when you enter the door and find out what special deal you are “fortunate” to receive! Everyone is a winner!…while they last!

Many of you know that I grew up in Southern California which of course, is huge melting pot of cultures from around the world. One of the most interesting places we went to several times over the years was Chinatown in both Los Angeles and in San Francisco. I remember the vivid colors, delicious (and sometimes scary!) foods and the hard working people that we met.

Don’t you love to see your fortune at the end of a great Chinese meal??  WE DO!  Have fun cracking open your Adrian’s Boutique Fortune.  You will be glad you came!


This week at Adrian’s Boutique, we bringing back some of those memories by celebrating Chinese New Year! Stop by Adrian’s, choose a Fortune Cookie and see how LUCKY you are this week!  You’ll find many delightful specials inside your cookie! You’ll also leave with a special little Chinese New Years gift.

May this week be so happily fortunate for you in every way!

Vicki Adrian & Crew
We are “Fortunate-to-be-here-to-serve-you!”