Adrian’s October VIP BOX {Revealed}

27 09 2018

It’s here! The Adrians Boutique girls are busy packing your OCTOBER VIP BOXES and we can’t wait to share what’s INSIDE your festive Pumpkin Orange BOX!

If you are one of the 50% of our Subscribers who DO NOT WANT TO KNOW what is inside, please close out of this post and do not scroll down any further as we will be revealing {almost} all of the items!

Screenshot 2018-09-27 10.42.19

Our OCTOBER is a beautiful collection of items that celebrates my very favorite season of the year…”Pumpkin Spice Season!”  We chose to be married in the fall, and absolutely love living in a place that has distinct seasons.  Love the leaves changing color, the fields as they are harvested, and getting out the fall wardrobe with boots, sweaters, wraps and the rich colors of fall.

Screenshot 2018-09-27 10.40.49Your OCTOBER BOX will arrive in our larger size ORANGE BOX, so it will be hard to miss!  We know “You’re gonna LOVE what’s inside from Adrian’s Boutique!”

Screenshot 2018-09-27 10.39.07

Our team is in the beginning stages of packing the October Boxes and here is a sneak peek of what you’ll find when you or the person you’re sending it to OPENS their BOX! We loved this traditional gingham check tissue paper, and think it is the perfect backdrop to the fall items inside!

Screenshot 2018-09-27 10.42.32

This month, we’re introducing you to three of the special people whose products are featured in the October Box.  Beverly & Charlotte are two fun sisters who love to entertain and they have some DELICIOUS products to choose from. We are featuring their Crackalacka Pumpkin Spice Cracker Seasoning that is absolutely DELICIOUS! You can easily make these with no baking, and no mess! You’re going to LOVE these!  If you happen to be gluten free, no worries! This works just as well on Rice Chex cereal and is yummy!

Our other featured vendor is Dot… the one, the only, the FAMOUS Dot of one of the most popular items in our store: Dot’s Homestyle Pretzels!  We have been waiting for the perfect BOX to send these one-of-a-kind pretzels in, and the OCTOBER BOX is just the one! You will not want to share these pretzels…just sayin’! You might want to hide out and open these when you’re the only one home! 🙂

Screenshot 2018-09-27 10.42.43

The above photo shows several of the other items that you’ll find in your BOX!  I especially like the “Autumn Recipes” Flip Book. Whether you cook or not, this will give your kitchen a warm and cozy look just sitting on your counter…but I think you’ll want to try some of the delicious recipes, such as the Apple Cranberry Casserole, Pork Tenderloin with Apples or the Poppy Seed Chicken Salad. Yum!!! This easel-style flip book has a plastic sleeve for every recipe and even has several blank cards for your own favorites.

Our Chai Tea comes from another small vendor that we fell in love with! She has delicious drink mixes and beautiful packaging and her flavored coffee (which we sell at Adrian’s) is delightful!

Screenshot 2018-09-27 10.42.56

The above gives you the scoop for most of the items in your OCTOBER BOX!  As we’re beginning to pack your boxes, our in-store customers are wanting to buy these before they’re even ready!


Which leads me to encourage you to be thinking ahead for the fall and holiday season. These BOXES are PERFECT to send as College Care Packages, Get Well, Birthday, Anniversary, Client Gifts or of course, a great TREAT for YOURSELF! I am enclosing an order form to help you get your thoughts together for who you would like to send an extra box to through the end of the year. We don’t want you to be disappointed if we run out of boxes so please order early!

EXTRA BOXES for Fall/Holiday

We want our Subscribers to have first chance at the extra boxes we are packing, but as with every prior month, we expect to sell out of the OCTOBER BOX quickly.  It is easy to order…and we have several ways to help you.

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Here is that handy-dandy Order Form Worksheet that you can print out to help get your thoughts together for the Fall/Holiday Season. Just Click HERE.

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If you need more space, here is an additional page that will help.
CLICK HERE to download 2nd page with more space.Screenshot 2018-09-27 11.12.48

I know it seems a bit CrAZy… but we have ladies who have placed their orders a year out! These chicks are ORGANIZED! Just take a look at your calendar, see who you would like to send these AWESOME VIP Gift Boxes to each month (don’t forget to treat YOURSELF once in awhile!), and plan ahead!

Sorry this has been such a long post!  As always, we are available to help you Simplify your Life by putting your gift-giving on auto-pilot!

We appreciate your business!

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