Adrian’s MARCH VIP BOX Revealed!

21 02 2019

We are super excited to reveal Adrian’s MARCH VIP Subscription Box! Just the color of the BOX and the fabulous tissue paper make this a fun box! You are going to LOVE it!

You're gonna-3

We love working on the THEME of each month’s box, and I absolutely love this month’s positive theme…

“We Rise by Lifting Others” ~ Robert Ingersoll

We are excited to bring you this beautiful BLUE box filled with unique goodies! We love spreading encouragement and positivity through these VIP Gift Boxes, and love to hear your stories about how they are being used to encourage others!


Ready to take a peek inside the MARCH VIP BOX? I thought so! Here we go…

2019 Adrians March VIP Box Brochure_ We Rise by Lifting Others

What exactly does this quote mean? According to David Grayson, “It means that we selflessly put the needs of others before our own needs. But, as we do so – as we work to support the dreams, goals and loving acts of those people, others begin to take notice of us and how quietly we make the world a better place one person at a time. Then, those people begin to respond by helping us with our needs. During this time, we manifest qualities such as encouragement, humility, understanding and most of all, love.”

This is the essence of what we want to happen with these VIP Gift Boxes! As we work to curate the products, look for just the right box color, the right tissue paper, even the color of the shred (I know, we are CraZy right!) we are thinking about the person who will receive the box. Whether that VIP Box is delivered through the mail, through a personal delivery from a friend, or for those that choose to treat themselves to a fun surprise each month, we know they will be surprised and delighted when the BOX arrives!

2019 Adrians March VIP Box Brochure_ We Rise by Lifting Others-2

We hope you enjoy the plaque with this positive reminder to lift others up…with your words, tone of voice and actions that make people feel good! You know when you do something kind for another person that it seems to make YOU feel even better? That’s what I’m talking about! 🙂

Back to the contents of your Box… Sandy & I spotted the MODGY Expandable Vase at the Atlanta Market earlier this winter and thought it would be PERFECT to include in a  VIP BOX. We both loved this Louis C. Tiffany design with it’s cool Blue Tones and beautiful artwork. This line is sold in Museum Gift Shops all across the country and is gorgeous either with or without flowers. We have included a WATER ACTIVATED Tealight that will shine when dropped into the vase that you have filled with water. This will be so pretty on a table, in a windowsill, or out on the deck later this spring.

2019 Adrians March VIP Box Brochure_ We Rise by Lifting Others-3

Other goodies inside your VIP BOX include some delicious treats… Mrs. Weinstein’s Dark Chocolate Almond Toffee (YUMMY!!!) a fabulous pair of our Fuzzy Footie, Non-Slip Slippers (every wondered why they are called Slippers if they are supposed to be Non-Slip?… Things I think about!), a package of  Irish Ocean Herbal Melts with teeny tiny seashells embedded in the fragrant wax. These you can use in a fragrance warmer, or you can break them apart and use to keep your linen closet or lingerie draw smelling clean and fragrant.

We’ve also included a few other treats…a favorite tea bag so you can sit down and enjoy a cup, and another favorite decadent treat…a Hammonds Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Chocolate Bar…truly a taste of heaven!

Another item that we found for this box is the DishFish…a very practical non-scratch scrubbing sponge in a cute fish shape that fights bacteria, odor, mold & mildew. It is super absorbent, and nearly 10X stronger to last longer, plus it will look really cute in your sink!

We love the aquamarine color for the March Box as that is the birthstone for the month, and hope you enjoy the refreshing items in this month’s VIP BOX.

Here is a final list of what you will find in Adrian’s MARCH VIP GIFT BOX

2019 Adrians March VIP Box Brochure_ We Rise by Lifting Others-4




Remember that your VIP GIFT BOX can go to a DIFFERENT PERSON each month. We will include a hand written enclosure card with your message and will ship it to your family or friends for you… We call it “Putting your Gift-Giving on Auto-Pilot” and that is exactly how it works!

We have people who have already reserved their boxes almost a year in advance. Just take a look at your calendar and see who has a birthday, anniversary or might need a little encouragement with a “just because box” in each of the upcoming months.

THANK YOU for being a part of the Adrian’s Boutique family. We hope you enjoy shopping both in-store and online at We are always happy to help you, and look forward to seeing you soon!

Vicki Adrian






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