Adrian’s APRIL VIP BOX Revealed!

27 03 2019

Drum Roll Please…
Today we’re unveiling the contents of Adrian’s APRIL VIP BOX! Like the other VIP Boxes in our history, we have worked for months searching for the perfect match up of vendors, products, colors and more…and can’t wait to share what’s inside!

Your VIP BOX this month is in HOT PINK, and has gorgeous spring tissue paper which helps to hold all the contents together.  If you’re giving as a gift, we know the recipient will love her surprise from the minute it arrives in her mail!

Screenshot 2019-03-27 17.27.14

“She is a dreamer, a doer, a thinker…She sees possibility everywhere!”

Our theme this month is “Celebrate Creativity” and as we started to build out this BOX, we soon realized just how creative the women in our lives are. We also found out that most of the people we talked to dream of a PLACE where they could be mostly by themselves to think, create, read, quilt, cook, garden, write, paint, sew, or to gather with friends to relax and enjoy their time together. We’ve loosely named this PLACE as your dream “She Shed” and began to build a VIP BOX around this creative theme.

We asked our clients, staff, family & friends to describe what their dream “She Shed” would look like, what would be inside, and how they would use the space. In your BOX, you’ll find the answers from some of these ladies and I think you’ll enjoy reading their answers.  I was surprised that there were very few duplicate answers! Each of us has a very individual dream of what our Creative Space would look like!

Whoa! If you’re one of our subscribers who loves to be surprised when your VIP BOX arrives, DO NOT SCROLL DOWN ANY FARTHER. Photos come next!

2019 April VIP Box Brochure_ Celebrate Creativity

Now the “She Shed” shown above is pretty fancy, and I don’t personally know anyone who has one like this, but I do have plenty of friends who have a room in the basement, upstairs or a spot out in the garage where they get plenty of creating done! Growing up, my mother sewed almost all of our clothing for herself and her five daughters, and we always had space for a sewing room in our house!


We are featuring two very creative designer’s items in this month’s VIP BOX.  From Kelly Rae Roberts, we have chosen her {SHINE} FRAME which we hope you will use to display a favorite snapshot in your creative space. (It would also make a great gift for someone!) We have also included a MAGNETIC GREETING CARD (designs vary) and we would love if you would use that card to brighten someone else’s day!

Our other designer is from Michigan and her name is Roeda. She designs very artisitic magnets for her “Embellish Your Story” line, and we thought this LARGE TULIP MAGNET would be a great way to celebrate Spring!

Screenshot 2019-03-27 18.00.11

Other items in your VIP BOX include a handcrafted “She Shed” WOODEN BLOCK” which we hope will serve as a reminder to take a little time to Refresh, Relax and Create. We have been to Ohio and watched the team at P Graham Dunn hand make these beautiful wood decor items. Adrian’s is filled with home decor items from P Graham and include small items like the one in your box to large wall pieces as well. Love these MADE IN USA items!

We’ve also included a very UNUSUAL BRACELET with a fun garden and butterfly theme. You’ll find beautiful SPRING TISSUES to keep in your purse, and a travel bar of our MICHEL DESIGNS SOAP  (LOVE the packaging on this line!) along with a jar of GRAPEFRUIT BODY BUTTER to keep your skin soft this spring.

We always like to include gourmet treats for you and this time we’ve included a delicious CHICKEN & RICE SOUP MIX from Frontier Soups, along with a SPICED ROSEMARY & SEA SALT nut seasoning mix, both of which  you can easily make at home.

There is also a cute little POTTED SUCCULENT (faux of course!) with a wire photo holder. It would be so cute on a windowsill or on your bathroom counter. You may find another surprise or two if we can fit anything else in! 🙂

Thank you so much to all of our SUBSCRIBERS…Without you, we couldn’t curate and create these fun VIP BOXES each month.  If you’ve been thinking about joining, this would be a great month to jump in!

I truly think the best way to make the most of these VIP BOXES is to look at your calendar and see who has a birthday, anniversary, or someone who just needs a little encouragement in the upcoming months, make a list and get the boxes started. It is a GREAT VALUE (each box has over $60 in product) and your cost, as a Subscriber is just $35/month or $42 for a one time gift.

Order in-store or online, and as always, feel free to give us a call if you have any questions at all! I hope you will LOVE your APRIL “Celebrate Creativity” BOX!

Vicki Adrian

PS:  We have a few “We Rise by Lifting Others” Boxes from March still available. Just give us a call to order.