Country Vanilla Ice Cream (Meyer Family Recipe)

Herman & Ruth Meyer
Castle Rock, Colorado

Country Vanilla Ice Cream

4 eggs, well beaten
2 ½ c. sugar
6 c. milk
4 c. heavy whipping cream
1 ½ T. real vanilla
½ tsp. salt

Add sugar gradually to beaten eggs, beating well after each addition…You cannot over beat this mixture!  When mixture becomes very stiff, add remaining ingredients and mix well.  Freeze per manufacturers instructions.

This recipe came with the very first ice cream freezer my husband, Herman and I bought shortly after we were married in 1959.  Delicious!

*Note:  This is the “Meyer Family Recipe” that Vicki and all of my sisters grew up with and I cannot count how many times we have cranked this ice cream…NO ELECTRICITY ALLOWED! We are a true HAND-CRANK ice cream famiy…and when we started getting married, some of the new son-in-laws thought we should go electric…no way!  J It’s all about the experience and sitting on top of that cold freezer on a hot summer day, although we’ve been known to crank ice cream with snow on a cold and blustery winter day too! The very best part is when you pull out the “rib” and eat that first bite right from the freezer! What delicious memories!

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2 responses

12 07 2013
KeithnBonnie Meyer

Homemade ice cream is the best… I remember when Jennifer turned 1 we had a family party and I was in charge of the ice cream making( first time). We turned and turned and turned, finally dad said it should be getting done by now, so we took a quick peek inside. I can still hear dad asking: Keith where is the paddle?? I said here on the counter.. by now it had started freezing around the edge so the paddle wouldn’t fit.. Sooooooooooo we had to start over 🙂 Keith

17 07 2013
Vicki Adrian

Hahahahah! Too funny! I remember one time, we made homemade ice cream out in California for guests, and one of my sisters (certainly not ME!) had put SALT in the SUGAR canister, so it was absolutely inedible! So sad! Had to run to the 7-11 to pick up boughten ice cream! What a disappointment! Nice to hear from you! Vicki

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