Doris Coats Gray
Brenda Martin

6 pork steaks with bone
32 oz. can of Hunts tomato sauce
5-6 cans of Golden Hominy
garlic salt
chili Powder
1 T. garlic salt
Additional pork loin, cubed if you want a meatler soup

In a large pot, boil pork steak and if you want extra pork loin.  Boil until fully cooked.  Turn off heat, carefully remove meat from pot and let cool on a platter until you can handle the meat.  Do not throw away water and pork juice in the pot, but remove any foam build up with a ladle and discard. Cut up meat into bite size pieces, remove any unwanted fat.  Put cut up meat back into pot with a couple of bones for extra flavor, strain off all water from hominy, then add to pot.  Add tomato sauce, chili powder to taste, stir well.  Add until you reach desired flavor.  Sprinkle in garlic salt.  Simmer slowly about 40-45 minutes.  Serve with tortillas and your favorite hot sauce.

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