Wickles Tuna Salad

Wickles Tuna Salad

Wickles Pickles

2 Packs StarKist 7.06 OZ Premium Chunk Light Tuna in water
¾ Cup Red Bell Pepper finely diced
½ Cup Sweet Onion finely diced
½ Cup Celery finely diced
2 T Wickles Relish
½ Cup Mayonnaise
½ Cup Chopped Fresh Italian Parsley
2 t Fresh Dill
¾ t Salt
½ t White Pepper
¼ t Dry Rosemary crushed by hand
1 t Fresh Thyme

1) Chop tuna into fine consistency with fork 

2) Combine all other ingredients and blend with wire wisk until a smooth consistency is achieved., or just use a food processor.

3) As a dip, serve in a bowl with non-chopped Fresh Italian Parsley Leaves as a garnish.

4) For more robust flavor let stand in the refrigerator over night.

I Love Tuna Salad!

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118 N. Main
Buhler, KS 67522

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