Blogging “Adrian’s Boutique” Style…by Vicki Adrian

27 01 2011

Dear Adrians Friend…

Woohoo! Adrian’s is Blogging!  This “Blog” has been a long time in the making. It actually started out as a way that we could present our recipes in an organized and easily accessible way to our clients…but of course, as with any new adventure…it will grow and change as we go along.

Adrians is a destination Boutique located in the most unlikely of places…On Main Street in the town of Buhler (population 1200) in the middle of Kansas, USA.  We are celebrating our 28th year in business in 2011 and have grown and changed greatly over the years!  We like to say that we are in the people business, because our clients are the most important asset that we have…And we offer beautiful clothing, sparkling jewelry, meaningful gifts, delicious gourmet foods & an incredible selection of holiday items, along with games, puzzles & toys for children through adults!

We are blessed with the best clients in the Midwest (really!), a talented, friendly and committed staff, and an incredible variety of products that we truly do believe in. We shop very hard to provide unique products at great prices for our clients, along with exceptional customer service, and our clients respond by making the trip to Buhler to happily “Shop Til They Drop”! We love to look out the window and see cars lining both sides of Main Street and know that we are having a part of keeping a small rural community alive and thriving.

Our Blog will cover everything from fashion trends, to gourmet cooking, baking & recipes, to other things that are near and dear to my heart…Low Carb Living, Road Trips & running a small business on Main Street in downtown America.  Hope you will stop by often and let us know what you would like to visit about!  Thank you for allowing us into your home.  ~Vicki
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6 responses

28 01 2011
Evelyn McIver

Congrats. Good job.

28 01 2011
Vicki Adrian

Thank you Evelyn! Another new learning experience! I bet we’ll be featuring one or two (or 10!) of your recipes here over the next few months! See you soon…~Vicki

5 02 2011
Janis Ollenburger Nachtigal

This is great t get in on your blog. We have a very soft spot in our hearts for Buhler and all our relatives and friends there. Will try the burrito crockpot recipe very soon!!

6 02 2011
Vicki Adrian

Thank you Janis! Buhler has a way of remaining “Home Sweet Home” for many people who have left our area and made their home somewhere else…so glad you can stay in touch with this little Blog. We are just getting our feet wet here, so please give lots of grace! 🙂 …’til next road trip! ~Vicki

7 02 2011
Pam Lyle

I’m so excited for you Vicki, I’ve already told you I love your website and now this!!! I will be a follower and will tell others!! Was great seeing you Saturday night -you look fabulous and never, never quit smiling!! See you soon and keep blogging!

7 02 2011
Vicki Adrian

Oh, so sweet Pam! Thank you so much! Would love to have this be a very interactive Blog…I want to see what all of YOU are doing, cooking, thinking about, etc. Hopefully it will go back and forth alot! As you already know, I love to have “2-way conversations” with our friends and clients, and this is just another way of doing that! Hope you have a wonderful week…and that this weather goes away soon! This California girl is just about done with the snow and cold! I want FLIP-FLOP weather…and soon! 🙂

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