5 Layer Greek Feta & Olive Dip

Albert’s Sweet n’ Mild Tropical Meatballs

Apple Dip

Asparagus and Cheese Crescent Rolls

Avocado Cheese Dip

Avocado Shrimp Salsa

Bisquick Sausage Balls

BLT Hot Bites

Bronco Bob’s Famous Raspberry Chipotle Bean Dip

Bronco Bob’s Sweet Heat Meatballs & more…

Brown Sugar Fruit Dip

Bruschetta Celery Snacks

Buffalo Chicken Dip (Donna Greenleaf)

Buffalo Chicken Dip (Alaina Kaufman)

Bumps on a Log

Captain Rodney’s Cheese Bake (World Famous!)

Captain Rodney’s Creamy Temptation of Jezebel Dip

Captain Rodney’s Pirate Wrap

Caramel-Brickle Dip

Cassie’s Corn-Coction

Cassie’s Salsa

Cheeseball (Melissa Koehn)

Cheeseball (Tami Painter)

Cheeseball (Pam Rush)

Cheese Log

Cheesy Spinach & Bacon Dip

Cheesy Spinach Pinwheel

Cool Veggie Pizza

Corn & Black Bean Salsa ~ Sandy Brooks

Cranberry & Ambrosia Holiday Spread

Cranberry Apple Party Cups

Desert Gardens Chipotle Chile Roll Ups

Desert Gardens Cilantro Lime Roll Ups

Desert Gardens Fiesta Roll Ups

Desert Gardens Guacamole Dip

Fiesta Nacho Cheese Dip

Greek Feta Crostini

Hot Hamburger Dip (Lawanna & Jenny)

Liz & Linda’s Pepper Jelly Wreath

Mama G’s 1-2-3 Guacamole!

Mama G’s Peach Salsa

Mama G’s Snappy Cranberry Surprise

Mama G’s Snappy Sour Cream Dip

Mama G’s Zesty Salsa Crackers

Outrageous Pumpkin Dessert Dip

Peach (or Mango) Jalapeño Salsa Dip

Raven’s Layered Pumpkin Bacon Dip

Robert Rothschild Farms Roasted Red Pepper & Onion Dip

Salsa Cubano Bites

SAVORY Saltine Crackers

Snappy Cranberry Surprise

Sugar Bacon Wrapped Smokies

Tropical Roll Ups CHC

Zippy Bourbon Meatballs (Beer Bread Company)

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