You Deserve Our Best! (Blizzard or not!)

2 02 2011


Spring Flowers...Ice & Snow...Sunshine...that's Kansas!

Exceptional people deserve exceptional service…I have often said that “Adrian’s has the best clients in the state…” and we really do mean it!  We strive to give every single person who walks into our business, or talks to us on the phone, or visits our store via our website an exceptional experience.  I am certainly not saying that we are able to make this happen 100% of the time, because we definitely make mistakes, but we rer very conscious of how we treat our clients.

Boxes, Boxes & more Boxes!

This week, while the winds were howling and the snow was falling, our ever-faithful UPS man, and the FedEx man continued to bring box after box after box and deliver them to our back receiving room…We have really had some fun things ship in!

Dazzling new Necklaces!

Lots of new Jewelry…Necklaces, Rings, Earrings and more!  Almost everything is priced under $20…A great way to spruce up an outfit for spring!

Cute little flip flops have arrived!

In case you’re headed on a cruise, or going to Florida soon, we’ve got sparkling, bejeweled flip flops that have just arrived!  These are only $19.99 and are comfortable as well as cute.  We even have some “slide” styles for those of you who don’t like anything between your toes (except for sand!).

Cute new waffle weave jackets & tops for spring!

These jackets are so cute!  The waffle weave fabric gives them a comfortable feel, the cut makes them stylish, and the colors make them wonderful for spring! We’ve got lots of fun jewelry to go with these too!

Gorgeous Sterling Silver Earrings

We found this brand new line at the last market and they just have some fun styles of sterling silver earrings…priced at only $12.99 too!  This photo shows some of the colored stone styles, and they also have lots of cute twisty wire styles.

That’s it for today…hoping you’re warm and snugged in wherever you are.  This winter blast has affected so much of the country.  This morning on my way into work I saw a 4-wheel drive pickup try to plow his way through a snowdrift and before we knew it, he was sideways in the ditch!  Surprised both of us!  He had someone come and pull him out, and I backed up and took another route and made it in to the store just fine…just sayin’  to BE CAREFUL wherever you are!  ~Vicki



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