Decadent Desserts for Not-So-Domestic Divas

15 02 2011

Wind & Willow Fudge Ribbon Pie

I love to cook…and bake from scratch…(but I don’t like cleaning up!)  Tonight I needed to whip up 3 pies to take to a church  soup supper and didn’t have a lot of time, so it was Wind & Willow Dessert Mixes to the rescue!

Wind & Willow Dessert Mix

I love having these high quality Wind & Willow Dessert  Mixes in the pantry because they use staples that are usually already hiding in my fridge or cupboards, and you can make them in just a few minutes. Wind & Willow makes many different flavors and the possibilities of dessert ideas are just endless!

Start with 8 oz. cream cheese and 1/2 stick real butter

Start with 8 oz. softened cream cheese and 1/2 stick real butter.  Whip with your mixer…Notice my BEATER BLADE attachment for my Kitchen Aid.  It is an AMAZING little tool, that cleans your mixer bowl completely! No more trying to scrape down the sides of the bowl! Love that!

Add the Wind & Willow Dessert Mix

Add the Wind & Willow Dessert Mix…and mix well. They have many delicious flavors.  Tonight I used Chocolate Chip and English Toffee…but I love the Strawberries & Cream or the Tiramisu flavors too!

Add 2/3 of a container of thawed Cool Whip

Next, fold in 2/3 of a container of thawed Cool Whip.  Spread 2/3 of mixture into graham cracker pie crust…the chocolate cookie crusts are delicious too and another idea is to scoop the mixture into little phyllo dough cups (look for these in the freezer section.)

Now for the fun part!

Next, start poking around in your pantry…Look for some goodies to snazz up your dessert.  This is some hot fudge ice cream topping.  We then sprinkled the hot fudge with some toffee bits before layering the rest of the dessert mix on top. Some chopped cocktail peanuts and miniature marshmallows would have been delicious too!  Then it could have been a Rocky Road Dessert!

Add some goodies...toffee bits, chocolate chip, canned cherries, etc.

Layer the rest of the dessert mix on top.  Then frost with the remaining third of the Cool Whip and garnish with some extra toffee bits, chocolate chips or canned pie cherries.

The Wind & Willow English Toffee Version

There you have it!  Three pies in about 20 minutes total time…

The Wind & Willow Chocolate Chip version.

…(Ok, so the dishes are still in the sink!) 🙂  ~Til next time…Vicki

PS..Don’t miss out on the FAMOUS NOODLE SOUP SUPPER tomorrow night (February 16) at the Buhler Mennonite Church in Buhler, Kansas…The noodle soup is OUTSTANDING… and the pies are delicious! 🙂 Check it out on Facebook: Buhler Mennonite Church

PPS.  Another idea is to bake a brownie mix in a 9 x 13 pan.  While the brownies are still warm, spread prepared Wind & Willow Dessert mix (almost any of their flavors) over the top.  Cool completely.  Store in refrigerator.  When ready to serve, cut into individual serving pieces, then place on plate and top with hot fudge, warmed cherry pie filling, or hot caramel sauce, etc. then top with a dollop of whipped cream and a little of the garnish that comes in the Wind & Willow package.  Yum! Our clients love this when we serve at the store!

For more ideas, stop by Adrian’s in Buhler, Kansas where we are always serving up delicious gourmet samples!

ADRIANS “A Unique Boutique”
Downtown Buhler, Kansas



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